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Death of a Highwayman, Murder Mystery Download Party Kit

number of players : 8 to 12 people

suitable for ages : 13 to 99 years old
females/males : mixed
format : download - need to print out, you will NOT receive a boxed product but will get an email with the game attached or details on how to access the download

Scenario :

Set in 18th century England where highwaymen are terrorising travellers across Hampstead Heath. A party is being held to celebrate the incredible ride from London to York in a single day by the infamous highwayman Dick Burpin.

Characters / guests :
Stan Deliver - Highwayman
Gerta Hanzupp - Lady highwayman
Ivor Tankard - Inn owner
Ann Deliver - Lady Highwayman
Evan Elpuss - Parson
Ima Sewandsew - Dressmaker
Jason D Villans - Guest at the Inn
Norma Snockers - Serving wench

Optional suspects :

Nic Zeeloot - Highwayman
Wendy Coach-Cumzin - Stagecoach driver
Mel O'Dee - Musician
Maeve Stowlitt - Shop owner

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