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Inspector McClue - Designer Shoes and Handbags Murder Mystery, 6 to 8 people

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Scenario :

A CD Murder Mystery Dinner party game. Everyone's a suspect when murder is on the menu.

And with a Classic Detective Murder Mystery you have everything you need to serve up the perfect murder mystery dinner party.

The village of Little Hobsbawm in Essex is no stranger to media attention. Hardly a week goes by without one or more of its residents featuring in a glossy gossip magazine. But even this celebrity-packed enclave is shocked to its core by the death of one its most popular residents.

Ronaldo Razzi, owner of the prestigious Papa Razzi accessories shops, has been found murdered, the white stiletto heel of a shoe stabbed into his temple. Worse still, it appears that he was killed by one-or more of his neighbours and friends. Your task is discover who is the murderer.

Guests :

BRYAN BIGGS - Razzi's business partner, a man with his fingers in a great many pies
TERRY JOHNS - A recently retired footballer whose colourful personal life made him even more famous than his exploits
JENNI JOHNS - Mainly known as Terry's second wife, she is also a designer in her own right
GEMMA OVERTAN - Jenni's stepmother used to be a cabaret singer and prides herself on being regularly mistaken for Jenni's sister
NIKKI NICE - Made her name as a glamour model, but is now a successful entrepreneur with her own production company and chain of shops
STEVIE SCOWL - A television producer, responsible for the highly successful new-talent series The Y-O-Y Show, which has at least made him a star
REVEREND I-PRAYER - One of Stevie's discoveries, a charismatic young clergyman soon to star in his own series, Never Mind the cassocks
KRYSTAL - A style advisor, lifestyle coach and healer, who tends to the spiritual and fashionable needs of the rich and famous

Contents of Inspector McClue Designer Shoes and Handbags murder mystery : Party planner with game rules and tips for music and decorating, character booklets, place cards, party invitations, CD with introduction, summary of events and solution to the crime

Required (but not included) : CD player

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