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Halloween Horror, 8 to 13 adults

download murder mystery game needs to be printed out
 £ 9.99

suitable for ages : 16 to 99 years old
females/males : mixed
format : download - need to print out, you will NOT receive a boxed product but will get an email with the game attached or details on how to access the download

Scenario :

It was the 31st October, Halloween, and like many others that night, Samuel Batty had decided to hold a Halloween party for his friends, family and neighbours. It was to be costume party with everyone dressing up as ghouls, ghosts, vampires and other scary creatures. On the surface, everyone appeared to be having a good time, however the evening was about to conjure up more suspense and horror than anyone had predicted when a few hours into the party, one of the guests was found dead. The police were called and Detective Inspector Sammer was soon on the scene, faced with yet another murder case. While the police were going about their business, the guests all set about trying to solve the murder to exonerate their names, but what other sinister motives were going on underneath the surface? Only one thing is for sure, nothing is what it seems and as the Halloween night draws closer to midnight, who knows what other horrors will emerge! What secrets were people hiding, who would resort to murder to keep those secrets hidden and more importantly, can Detective Inspector Sammer bring another killer to justice? All will be revealed...

Suspects :

Adam Ghostly - DIY King
Amy Batty - Nightmare Daughter
Christian Batty - Frightened Brother
Dave Corpse - The Future of Football
Hannah Witcher - Nosey Reporter/
Jonathan Batty - Perfect Son
Kelly Batty - Obsessive Wife
Samuel Batty - Host with the Most

Optional guests/suspects :
Amanda Beast - The Strange One
Lewis Skelton - Ladies Man
Carmen Spooker - Fiancee from Hell
Bonnie Spellman - Supernatural Teacher
Daniel Umpire - Friendly Boss

Game Play Format :

This game can be played a number of times, as it contains a number of different murderers and scenarios. The host picks the murderer - then the victim and specifics of the murder scene associated are revealed at the party.
Each character is given a detailed description of who they are, this needs to be read preferably in advance of the party, so that the player can learn their character. Each player is given an introductory speech and conversation starters, but then it is up to the player to embellish beyond this in a more free-form way.

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