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Murder at Mudstuck Festival, download party kit, 8 player version

number of players : 8 people

suitable for ages : 13 to 99 years old
females/males : mixed
format : download - need to print out, you will NOT receive a boxed product but will get an email with the game attached or details on how to access the download

Scenario :

Over the fifteen years that it has been in existence Mudstuck Festival has grown from a small occasion with a few hundred fans to one of the top annual music festivals in the UK with over 250,000 festival goers descending on the tiny West Country village of Mudstuck.
The Festival was the brainchild of blues singer Muddy Fields and features a mixture of established artists and the best new music.
Join Muddy for an evening of fun and hospitality around the giant campfire. We can all hope that the rain, which caused so many problems in the past, keeps off so that the Mudstuck site doesn’t live up to its name.

Suspects :

Wanda Fields - Muddy’s wife and festival co-organiser
Mike Dupp - Stage announcer who is The Voice of Mudstuck
Anita Shower - Festival goer
Hugh Geddon-Itt - Neighbouring farmer
Sonia Autocue - TV presenter
Ed Lynact - Lead singer with headline act Thick Lizzy
Whiny Aimhouse - Up and coming singer
Travelsick Trevor - Blues artist

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