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format : electronic document, to be printed on your printer

Murder by Degrees, murder mystery download kit

number of players : 6 people

suitable for ages : 13 to 99 years old
females/males : mixed
format : download - need to print out, you will NOT receive a boxed product but will get an email with the game attached or details on how to access the download

Scenario :

** PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DOWNLOAD VERSION ** This means that we email you the game within 24 hours and you need to print it out on your printer. You WILL NOT receive a boxed product of the game. This game has been previously sold as a boxed product, but is no longer available in that format.

Course lecturer, Professor Morrie R. Tee, will be presenting the degree to Miss Ella Mentary who is the 1000th student to graduate from the Bachelor of Arts course run by the Criminology Department. He will then honour the achievements of some of our old boys and girls by presenting them with honorary doctorates.

Suspects :

Inspector Semaphore – English Police Inspector
Miss Marbles – Eccentric English Detective
Hercules Parrott – Belgian Detective
Alma Marter – Principal of St. Rumpet’s
Ivor Mortar Board – Lecturer of St. Rumpet’s
Ella Mentary – Student at St. Rumpet’s

Contents :

Game Instructions, Invitations, Costume Suggestions, Introduction, Player Slips, Player Clues, Solution, Labels/Name tags

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