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We Wish You a Merry Murder, download kit (10)

number of players : 10 people

suitable for ages : teenagers and adults
females/males : mixed
format : download - need to print out, you will NOT receive a boxed product but will get an email with the game attached or details on how to access the download

Scenario :

The members of The Tintzel Singers would be delighted if you would join them at a Christmas Concert in The Tintzel Theatre in Tintzeltown.

It has been a thrilling year for The Tintzel Singers culminating in their victory at the final of the choir talent show ‘Keep on Believing’ on National T.V.

The Singers have honoured a pledge to play a Christmas Eve concert in their home town and a big crowd is expected at the Tintzel Theatre. Everybody is anticipating a thrilling night. Characters :

Ang Tintzel – Choir founder and benefactor
Ivor Baton – Choir conductor
Elaine Shutt – Traffic cop
Finlay Sliced – Caterer
Ivanna Tune – Guest and wife of choir member Justin Tune
Sherman Wadd-Ever – Mayor of Tintzeltown
Holly Wood-Knights – Guest and ex-rock singer
Christian Soljers – Local minister
Rosa Seats – Theatre owner
Marcus Absent – School teacher
Carol Singer – Guest and sister of choir member, Ima Singer
< Andy Rest – Guest and husband of choir member, Carrie D. Rest

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