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Murder a la carte - The Brie, the Bullet & the Black Cat

number of players : 10 to 12 people

suitable for ages : teenagers and adults
females/males : mixed
format : boxed - posted to you

Scenario :

You have been invited to dinner at the Official Residence of the Deputy Mayor of Cassablanca. The guest of honor was to have been France's greatest ever living mime artist - but he fails to arrive as he has been murdered.....

Everyone is a suspect at the dinner party, but who *is* the murderer ???

Suspects :

Hughes Le Grandebutte - Deputy Mayor of Casablanca The epitomy of solid respectability
Edith Le Grandebutte - his wife, former dancer Married to Hughes - but not altogether happy - still yearn for your former life as a dancer
Nicole Le Grandbutte - their daughter 18 yr old daughter of above - would rather be in Paris than Casablanca - does not approve of her father working with the Germans
Otto Von Pinkelwurst - a Gestapo Officer, fanatical and possible mad Doesn't understand why he is in Africa rather than a senior staff post in Berlin
Kirk Ransom III - an American who runs Kirk's African Cafe in downtown Casablanca late 30's, doomed romantic hero nursing a broken heart and a bottle of whiskey. Suave, elegant and slightly battered.
Countess Bogov - an exiled Russian aristocrat, glamorous and mysterious.
Passionate anti-communist - sympathetic with Germans
Monsieur Oily-Carte - booking agent for the Moulin Bleu nightclub in Paris Educated in England, sophisticated with impeccable manners
Pierre Payanski - 24 year old half-Russian poet. Anti-fascist with a bad leg
Cherie Boot - French cabaret singer in mid 20's Husky voice, sultry, decadent & exotic, almost androgynous
Ingrid Pith - Danish art dealer - finds painting all over Europe. Busy and flirtatious
Optional Guests for 11-12 player game :
Seamus O'Hack - a dissolute Irish journalist more interested in drinking than writing
Pia Fedora - Spanish cabaret star and love of the Black Cat. Fiery, passionate and bereaved

Contents :

Each Murder Mystery Game includes party planner, recipes, music and decorating tips, character booklets including their roles, background and a few tasty secrets, place cards for each character, party invitations, 6 secret clues and a CD with an introduction, scene setter, summary of events and finally the solution to the crime.
Also required in order to play (but not included) :

CD player

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