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Inspector McClue - A Cuban Killing

number of players : 6 to 8 people

suitable for ages : teenagers and adults
females/males : mixed
format : boxed - posted to you

Scenario :

The gripping story is set in 1952 at The Casa Nova Hotel in Havana where the rich and famous come to play but not everything has gone to plan. Yesterday evening, hotel manager Rico Ricardo was found dead and it turns out he has been murdered! Suspicion falls on the hotel employees and guests but who would have wanted to kill him? Possibly his business partner C.D Gonzalez or Sir Ian Lemming; a British writer of spy novels or even showgirl Lola Cabana?

Suspects :

LOLA CABANA - a showgirl, whose friendship with Rico took her off the stage and into management.
LADY LEMMING - Sir Ian's wife and a successful film actress in her own right.
LADY COMMON - Lady Lemming's sister, whose husband died tragically young, leaving her an immense fortune.
NICO MARX - the most celebrated of the American comedy troupe, the Marx Sisters.
C.D. GONZALEZ - Rico's business partner, and one of the wealthiest men on the island.
SIR IAN LEMMING - a British writer of spy stories and, rumour has it, maybe a spy himself.
CHE GUAVA - a Cuban playboy and would-be politician.
BUTCH HIGHWAY - an American writer, whose love of dangerous sports is topped only by his love of himself.

Game Play Format :

This game consists of 3 rounds in two parts. In the first part of each round, the players read out from their booklets, rather like you would in a play (scripted). In the 2nd part of each round the players ask each other questions and then answer accordingly (as scripted in their character booklets). Further questioning may occur (but this is usually not necessary). Secret clues are handed to certain players at points in the game and revealed, when accusations are made, or questions asked of other players. The murderer(s) find out who they are at the beginning of round 3 (so play the first two thirds of the game not knowing it is them).

Contents :

Party planner booklet with game rules, recipes, tips for music and decorating.
Booklet for each character, including their roles, background information and a few tasty secrets.
Place card for each character.
Party invitations and envelopes for each character.
6 secret clues.
CD with introduction, scene setter, summary of events and solution to the crime., Also required in order to play (but not included) : CD player

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