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Inspector McClue - The Diamonds, The Dagger and One Classy Dame

number of players : 10 to 12 people

suitable for ages : teenagers and adults
females/males : mixed
format : boxed - posted to you

Scenario :

Based on some of the characters in The Brie, the Bullet & the Black Cat. Based in Casablanca, October 1942. An oasis of peace in a world at war. Civilians, combatants and refugees of all nationalities live together in a state of tense suspicion. But not even Casablanca is immune to personal tragedy. Last night the Mayor of Casablanca was murdered in his own home. And now the killer is coming to dinner...

Suspects :

Hughes Le Grandebutte - Formerly the Deputy Mayor of Casablanca, promoted to a French bueaucrat
Edith Le Grandebutte - long suffering wife of Hughes, a former dancer and a chic lady
Nicole Le Grandbutte - the tempestuous, strong willed daughter of Edith and Hughes
Countess Bogov - an exiled Russian aristocrat, glamorous and mysterious.
Ingrid Pith - Danish art dealer - finds painting all over Europe. Busy and flirtatious
Colonel Otto Von Pinkelwurst - a Gestapo Officer, fanatical tinged with madness
Lieutenant Kurt Von Strohm - the loyal sidekick to Von Pinkelwurst
Nellie Desmond - one of the great stars of hollywood, now slightly faded
Lord Glengormless - an Irish lord
Kitty Glengormless - the wayward and difficult daughter of Lord Glengormless
Jim Bradley - An American journalist
Dauphim Francois Francophile - the rightful heir to the French throne, if only it still existed

Contents :

Each Murder Mystery Game includes party planner, recipes, music and decorating tips, character booklets including their roles, background and a few tasty secrets, place cards for each character, party invitations, 6 secret clues and a CD with an introduction, scene setter, summary of events and finally the solution to the crime.
Also required in order to play (but not included) :
CD player

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