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Murder at the Cafe Resistance murder mystery download kit, 12 adults

download murder mystery game needs to be printed out
 £ 11.99

suitable for ages : adults only
females/males : mixed
format : download - need to print out, you will NOT receive a boxed product but will get an email with the game attached or details on how to access the download

Scenario :

Description of Murder at the Cafe Resistance, Murder Mystery Party download kit :

New official Murder Mystery Party download! Previously sold as the boxed game of the same name and now out of print, you can download and play these classic high street games immediately. Full instructions included in download. You will need a printer to print this game, no box is shipped. You will receive an email after purchase with download instructions.

The end of WWII and celebrations have begun. Herr Bevore hosts a party at Cafe Resistance, but is blown up by an explosive Roquewurst sausage in his car!


FRANC LE ORRFUL - Cafe Owner (his cooking helped win the war!)
PHIL LE GIRTHE - Travelling sausage salesman (he'll get his sausage out for anyone!)
GEE I. JOE - US Serviceman (he turned up just in time...for dessert!)
GENERAL KOPOV - German officer (he'll use any excuse for a strip search!)
GERRY BASHER - British airman (he's got you in his sights!)
LUC OVERLAIR - French policeman (he's always last to the scene of the crime!)
MIMI ANJOU - Waitress (a glimpse of her stocking is always on the menu!)
FRAU NALOTT - German soldier (she's only happy when she's...she's never happy!)
JULIE NOTED - British radio operator (she can spell all the rude words in morse code!)
NOEMI DOOYOO - French resistance (she keeps popping up everywhere!)
LIZA WIZENNI - Cabaret singer (she performs well on stage...and off!)
NURSE GENTLY - Army Nurse (she'll kiss it better...just tell her where it hurts!)

NEW! - DVD ISO image. Although optional and not required we are now providing the DVD ISO image of the original DVD that came with the boxed game. You will need a DVD recorder drive in your PC and software that burns disk images. Note that technical support is not offered with the creation of DVDs. NEW! - Music MP3s. The original CD has been captured as MP3 files for you to optionally enjoy as a background to your party. NEW! - Party guide. 12 additional tips from the experts to get your party running. NEW! - Email invitations. You can send your guests email invites for this game. Good times for groups: An excellent way to spend a role-playing evening with friends. Each party takes 2-3 hours to play. They are filled with intrigue, suspense, humour and the fun of playing both detective and suspect. This game is designed to be played by 6 male and 6 female players.

This purchase gives you a license to access the download for 30 days. You can email invitations to guests, download extras and of course download and print the game materials for this game. The license entitles to you make as many copies of downloadable materials as you wish for personal use but business use is excluded. You may not replicate or sell, in part or in whole, any downloaded content from this website without express written permission from the copyright holders. Contents of Murder at the Cafe Resistance, Murder Mystery Party download kit :

invitations to be sent to your guests, complete instructions on how to host the party, character sheets for all twelve suspects, costume suggestions, menu suggestions, clues, solution to the murder

Required (but not included) : printer

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