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Operation Murder, 14 people, Murder Mystery download party kit

number of players : 14 adults

suitable for ages : adults only
females/males : mixed
format : download - need to print out, you will NOT receive a boxed product but will get an email with the game attached or details on how to access the download

Scenario :

** PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DOWNLOAD VERSION ** This means that we email you the game within 24 hours and you need to print it out on your printer. You WILL NOT receive a boxed product of the game.

Who killed Sir John Snife?

Killem Hall Hospital is the venue for a party to celebrate the opening of the new 'Snife Wing'. Sir John Snife is the guest of honour and is treating the guests to his after dinner stories 'Under the Surgeon's Knife'. However, before he could cut the ribbon and declare the new wing open, he dropped down dead. Why did someone want him dead? What had they to hide? Find out the answers by hosting your own party to solve the mystery of Operation Murder.

The suspects are:

DEE SPENCE - Pharmacist (goody, it's medication time!)
MAL PRACTICE - Surgeon (no nurse, I said "prick his boil"!)
ANN T SEPTIC - Nurse (she's squeaky clean - not!!)
AACHEN HEAD - Doctor (has anyone got an aspirin?)
DREW BLOOD - Nurse (just one donation, give it to me!)
RAY D O'GRAPHER - X-Ray Operator (he can see right through you!)
SISTER SLEDGE - Matron (she's always hammered!)
WILLIE EVERWAKEUP - Anaesthetist (he'll send you to sleep!)
CILLA CON - Plastic Surgeon (likes to keep abreast of things!)
LANCE BOYLES- Consultant (you'll just feel a little prick!)
EMMA ROIDS - Nurse (what a pain in the bottom!)
AMMIN TRUBBEL - Doctor (Trubbel by name, trouble by nature!)
CARRIE PATIENTS - Porter (she's off her trolley!)
PARRY MEDIC - Ambulance Driver (he always comes quickly!)

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