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A Very Merry Christmas Murder, murder mystery flexi-party Download

number of players : 4 to 8 people

suitable for ages : teenagers and adults
females/males : mixed
format : download - need to print out, you will NOT receive a boxed product but will get an email with the game attached or details on how to access the download

Scenario :

Albi LeGrinch, the world’s most successful christmas tree merchant, is hosting a big family-style Christmas at his winter wonderland estate. But before any presents can be ripped in the large glass-fronted foyer of Albi’s luxury mountain-side mansion, he's found hanging from the top of his own giant Christmas tree with industrial grade tinsel! Who committed such a ho-ho-ho horrific deed!

Suspects :

Female suspects:
PERKY BASTER - the cook
SANTANA BABY - the pop princess
ANGEL - the choir girl gone bad from the valleys
HOLLY BUSH - thorny hedge fund manager

Male suspects:
HUGH DIDDIT - the butler
YULE GRÖHN - Christmas cracker joke writer
JACK TORRENTS - novelist and computer
hacker NICK PERSONAS - Santa Claus impersonator

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